In the morning of June 30th 2016, in Hanoi, Vietnam motors industry cooperation – Joint Stock Company (Vinamotor) held 2016 Agent Conference. There were the honor attendances of Mr. Le Van Tan - Vinamotor General Director; Mr. Dang Hai Chau - Deputy Director; Mr. Bui Van Dung - Assistant to General Director and the leaders of Import and Export Business Department, Science and Technology – Quality Management Department, R & D Center, Dong Vang Automobile Manufacturing Factory and 21 representatives of nationwide agents

Mr. Le Van Tan, Vinamotor General Director makes a speech to open the conference.

Making a speech at the conference, General Director Le Van Tan stated that in 2015 and in the first 5 months of 2016, despite facing the fierce competition of some opponents, we achieved the sales record of selling nearly 1,400 County and Mighty branded Dong Vang thanks to the effort of the whole system. He affirmed that in the coming time, Vinamotor will research to market new products in order to increase customers’ choices. Besides, Vinamotor will apply the Standard Processes System to in Business and Services management, at the same time, will have special assistances to help all agents operate in accordance with the standard, and to improve the image of Vinamotor as well as all Agents.

General Director Le Van Tan emphasized that to catch up with the explosive growth of the commercial vehicle market after 2018, besides promoting marketing activities and standardizing sales processes, we need to prepare the infrastructure to meet the demands of customers. Therefore, I required the Agents that have not been qualified on the infrastructure quickly coordinated with the Agent Development Department of Vinamotor for the investment plan in building showroom and workshop system. In addition, Vinamotor will apply the criteria and periodic assessment in facilities, financial resource, sales ability, staff level of all Agents. The assessment will determine the scale and benefits to ensure a fair long-term investment for the agent. At the conference in early 2017, Vinamotor will announce the list of Agents that meet the standard A-B-C-D.

Also, at the conference, General Director Le Van Tan expressed his thanks to all Agents for companying with Vinamotor so far, and he hoped that all agency will achieve better results in the future.

The conference came to successful conclusion with a lively discussion between Vinamotor and Agents’ representatives. Many highly constructive advices of agents’ representatives are recognized. All agents also agreed with the view of Vinamotor on standardizing infrastructure system and working processes in order to bring customers the highest satisfaction.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hien - Director of Import and Export Business Department presents sales job.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Cuong – Director of Science and Technology – Quality Management Department presents the product technology and strategy.

Mr. Bui Van Dung – Assistant to General Director presents work for agents’ development.

General Director Mr. Le Van Tan gives presents and takes commemorative photographs with all Agents.